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Creating a circular food economy in Chile

Chile’s linear food economy creates enormous amounts of waste and depletes natural resources. Climate change and traditional farming methods have led to water scarcity and soil degradation. In the meantime, small farmers don’t get the revenue nor the opportunities they deserve.

We are redesigning Chile’s food economy. We believe in a shorter fairer food chain that wastes less and delivers fair value to the producer.

We’re creating a circular food system fit for the future.

achieving circularity by...

Building circular business models

Fresh & Co

A farm to fork concept drastically shortening the chain between farmer and consumer

  • Providing access to affordable fruits and vegetables
  • Increasing revenue for farmers and stimulating sustainable agriculture
  • Preventing food loss and plastics waste by delivering fresh goods


Providing restaurants, cafes and hotels with reusable packaging solutions for food and beverages

  • Providing accessible reuse alternatives
  • Offering a full-service system for reusables for delivery and takeaway
  • Eliminating the need for single-use packaging


Desert Spring

Cultivating sea buckthorn to restore Chile’s degraded soil in an economically viable way

  • Stopping further desertification
  • Providing economic opportunities to local communities
  • Stimulating sustainable consumption through sea buckthorn products

a program by...

As a social venture building studio Enviu has the expertise, methodology and capacity to ideate, develop and grow social ventures to a commercially viable scale. Our mission: an economy that serves people and planet. Over the past 15 years we have co-founded 16 social ventures through our teams in Kenya, India and the Netherlands. In 2019 we started the program Restore Venture Studio to build a circular food economy in Chile.


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We’re always looking for experts, innovators, startups and impact investors who want to join us in our mission.

Join us if you have the ambition to

  • Create impact through business models that define the new circular food economy
  • Work together on one of our impact-driven ventures to fight the current situation
  • Invest in a future we can be proud of, without food loss and a fair revenue for the farmers.

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