Enviu has launched a Latam office to kickstart a circular economy in Chile

Spanning half a continent and home to at least 7 climate subtypes the country of Chile is rich with natural resources and a quickly growing economy. In the past few years awareness about Chilean waste streams has grown and now the country wants to shift from a linear to a circular economy, actively welcoming new circular solutions. At Enviu we believe impact-driven entrepreneurship is key to create long lasting change; with our expertise in running circular programs and ventures, we can build the companies to fuel this shift in Chile’s economy. That’s why we launched a Latam regional office in Santiago de Chile!

Towards a circular economy in Chile

Chile is a country with a lot of natural resources and a growing economy. The current linear supply chain of fast-moving consumer goods produces enormous amounts of waste and leads to a depletion of nature reserves. But change is on the horizon: increased awareness about the limits of continuous resource extraction and a fresh grassroots impact-scene are signs of the countries willingness to pivot towards a circular economy. There is increased effort to shift from a linear to a circular economy, with new public investments promoting circular business models, and recent legislation in favor of circularity. However, there is still a long way to go. Chilean waste streams are not yet upcycled into new products and waste is being valorized limitedly, despite containing valuable resources.

While researching Chile and in conversation with our local partners, we found that the ambition doesn’t stop at the creation of a circular economy. The country is facing multiple social, economic and environmental challenges. Luckily the dynamic start-up climate in Chile is strong and we see a lot of opportunities for impact-driven enterprises to drive change. 

Local execution power in Latam

After being approached by Chilean impact investors who believe in Enviu’s methodology and experience, we decided to join forces. Our goal? To build world-changing companies in Chile to solve the issues at hand.

We have the experience and expertise when it comes to building impact-driven ventures with programs like Zero Waste Living Lab, textiles and leather in our track-record. But we believe the only way to do this is together with local expertise and execution power. We needed a solid base to operate from, an office in the region with a dynamic team bolstered by local experts!

Fun fact: Enviu actually started in Chile in 2002, when our founder Stef set up an alternative, eco-tourism system in Isla Navarino and expanded it to areas like Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. 17 years later, now with the support of our partners and a strong understanding of the local context, we’ve returned to the country where our mission started. It’s great to be back!


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