Restore Venture Studio: Creating a circular food economy in Chile

Chile is a country with a lot of natural resources and a growing economy. The current linear supply chain of fast-moving consumer goods produces enormous amounts of waste and leads to a depletion of nature reserves. There’s a large number of small farmers with limited revenues who lack access to markets and sustainability practices. In the meantime, Chile is facing the effects of climate change on a daily basis: the scarcity of water and degradation of soil are visible for everyone.

With Restore Venture Studio, we’re redesigning the way we farm and consume in Chile by building circular businesses. We want to transform the agricultural system, create solutions to reduce and reuse current waste streams and enable conscious consumption. We believe in a shorter and more fair food chain, in which we reduce food loss, deliver fair value to the producer and stop the constant extraction of natural resources.

Why we need a food system fit for the future

The food & drinks value chain in Chile faces severe issues, both environmental and socially, that we strive to tackle. During all steps of the value chain – from pre-harvesting towards post-consumer – tremendous food loss and food waste occurs. In some seasons up to 40% of production can be lost. Single use plastics are used to package fruits & vegetables and for to-go and take-away drinks and food. Of the annually generated waste only up to 14% is finally recycled. Most is going to landfills.

Climate change in combination with traditional farming practices has led to soil degradation. Soil, air and water bodies are depleted by constant withdrawal of products or overburdened by the dumping of toxins. 21,7% of Chilean territory is now suffering from desertification. Water scarcity is a big issue as well, due to a dangerous 82% deficit in rain in the northern regions. To survive, a switch to more regenerative farming practices is needed. Unfortunately, farmers have trouble to invest in these solutions as 85% of the farmers are small producers that generate a limited income.

There is need for more innovative solutions to tackle all the issues and really create a circular economy that’s fit for the future.

Creating a circular food economy in Chile

Our ambition with Restore Venture Studio is to create a circular food economy in Chile.
We want to:

  • Fuel the change to sustainable agriculture
  • Eliminate food loss
  • Eliminate plastic waste
  • Increase the revenues of the farmer
  • Restore the soil
  • Increase conscious consumption

Our goal is to redesign the way we farm and consume, by building circular businesses that design out food waste, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. We want to fight the current situation by building impact-driven ventures that restore soil and make production and consumption circular. We are hereto scouting and scaling existing enterprises worldwide in Chile and developing our own ventures.

Three types of business models to enable circular consumption

During our issue and market analysis, we identified multiple interventions to create circular production and consumption of food & drinks. In the coming years, we will build three types of business models:

  1. Reusable & refill systems
    Such as reusable packaging with a central recollection infrastructure, eliminating single-use plastic
  2. Value chain innovations
    Such as farm-to-fork models radically shortening the chain and reducing waste
  3. Sustainable Agriculture
    Such as regenerative agriculture, enabling sustainable practices and services for small and medium farmers

Curious about what we’re working on right now? Take a look at our current projects!

Our Team

Dieuwertje Nelissen

Country Director Chile
Didi loves challenges and showing that impact-driven entrepreneurship is possible!

Matias Pavez

Matias is an engineer by study, but an entrepreneur at heart.

Marieke Lenders

Venture Builder
Marieke likes to prove that things can be done differently and that the current paradigm is outdated.

Ankie van Wersch

Executive Board
Former director of management consultancy firm, broad experience in global value chains.

Nils Lindeen

Venture Builder
Nils is pushing for a fair society and a sustainable environment, convinced the world can be a better place!

Luuk Gremmen

Venture Builder
Luuk puts all his efforts in creating circular business models to create a more inclusive economy!

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