Restoring degraded soil by planting sea buckthorn

What are we doing....

The aim of DesertSpring is to cultivate sea buckthorn in territories that are threatened by desertification. The sea buckthorn is a plant that thrives in poor soils and restores nitrogen to the earth. By cultivating sea buckhorn, we can put degraded land in Chile to use and generate agricultural and economic opportunities for the local, rural population.

Why DesertSpring?

Chile is seriously affected by land degradation and desertification, the permanent degradation of once arable land. The rural population in Chile, living in these environments, suffers the direct consequences, with high rates of poverty and a lack of opportunities. By making use of sea buckthorn, we can stop further desertification. Moreover, we can offer opportunities for healthy consumption, because sea buckthorn consists of berries that are a well-known superfruit and natural extracts that can be uses for eco-friendly products.

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We’re currently looking for organizations and companies who want to join us in our mission! If you believe in sustainable agriculture and soil restoration, then we should definitely have a chat!

We’re also looking for investors who want to create a circular food economy in Chile. By investing in a venture, you can help us to rapidly scale the business model and impact.

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