Fresh & Co

Providing access to fresh, healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables

What are we doing....

Con nuestro emprendimiento Fresh & Co, we’re redefining the agriculture value chain in Latin America for small farmers. Our solution is to drastically shorten the chain, directly linking farmers and consumers.

Con una logística eficiente y omitiendo una parte importante de la cadena de valor, podremos:

  • Deliver fresh, healthy and affordable veggies & fruits to people
  • Pagar un precio justo a los agricultores por sus productos.
  • Mejorar el acceso a prácticas agrícolas sostenibles.
  • Evitar la pérdida de alimentos y reducir el uso de plástico al entregar productos frescos

Why Fresh?

The majority of farmers in the region are small-scale. They have a crucial role in the food production. However, with many intermediaries and limited commercial channels, small farmers often have limited or no revenues. In most cases, they have no access to sustainable practices, whilst they have to deal with challenges like water scarcity, soil degradation and food loss.

Join Us

We’re currently looking for farmers, conscious consumers and restaurants who want to join us in our mission! If you believe in circular agriculture, then we should definitely have a chat! 

We’re also looking for investors who want to create a circular food economy in Chile. By investing in a venture, you can help us to rapidly scale the business model and impact.  

Looking forward to collaborating with us, or simply want to know more?


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