Providing restaurants, cafes and hotels with reusable packaging solutions for food and beverages

What are we doing....

We want to provide alternative, reusable packaging solutions for single use plastics for food and drinks. Our concepts are full-service models, including hardware and logistics. We are currently developing HULA, a complete solution for delivery and takeaway; reusable food and beverage containers with a convenient design for delivery and takeaway, with a system for the collection of containers independent from restaurants.

Why Hula?

In Chile, waste is limitedly being separated or collected. Of the annually generated amount of waste, less than 10% is finally being recycled or incinerated. The big majority of the waste is going to landfills. The prevention of single-use plastics, which are used only once before they are thrown away, is a core step to solve this issue. We believe that our reusable packaging solutions allow for convenient, impactful and scalable consumption, without plastic waste.

Join Us

We’re currently looking for restaurants, hotels and other organizations that want to join us in our mission! If you believe in reusable systems, then we should definitely have a chat!

We’re also looking for investors who want to create a circular food economy in Chile. By investing in a venture, you can help us to rapidly scale the business model and impact.

Looking forward to collaborating with us, or simply want to know more?


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